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  • A case study of optimising UG2 flotation performance part

    It is well known that to maximise recovery, flotation cells treating UG2 ore require a higher energy input than is normal for any other ore. The reduction in PGM recovery from the column cell illustrates the consequence of low power input. A diagram of the Northam column with external sparger is

  • Trithiocarbonates for PGM flotation SAIMM

    2009-08-26· TRITHIOCARBONATES FOR PGM FLOTATION 169 Introduction An increase in the beneficiation of UG2 ore is central to Impala Platinum’s strategic plan for increasing its platinum production in 2006/07. Beneficiation of this chromite rich ore,

  • Investigating Ways of Improving Recovery of Slow Floating PGM

    2015-09-14· Investigating Ways of Improving Recovery of Slow Floating PGM Minerals at Zimplats Munyaradzi Mugadza (689462) A research report submitted to the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, University of the Witwatersrand, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of

  • The application of flotation test work to plant design and operation

    2009-06-05· Mintek Test Work 1987-1994 • Laboratory Test Work • Pilot Plant Test Work • Full scale plant operation • Development of a scale-up procedure • Introduction of Unit Cells on Mill discharge • Modelling of the Flotation Process • Development of a flotation simulator • Development of the “Mintek 2-concentrate process”

  • Calculate Flotation Cell Capacities Volume vs Retention Time

    2020-06-09· This online calculator helps you on how to calculate or estimate either what size/volume flotation cell and well as conditioning tank + how many flotation cells your bank needs to accommodate the retention time you need. Design Retention time is usually obtained from laboratory testwork and proper use of Lab-to-Plant flotation scale-up factors. An Example of flotation

  • Flotation cell technology and circuit J design—an Anglo Platinum

    2009-08-26· Flotation cell technology and circuit design—an Anglo Platinum perspective The biggest opportunity for recovery improvement is clearly linked to improved liberation. The mineralogical analyses and assay work on sized composite samples from the plants indicate that the majority of PGM


    2015-01-12· •Chromite recovery •Converter matte (>2,800 4E g/t) •Sulphuric acid •Autocatalysts •Jewellery •Other Industrial products (e.g. chemicals, electronics, fuel cells) Mining Crushing & Milling Froth Flotation Drying and smelting in electrical furnace Air/O 2 Base Metal Refiningblown Converters Sulphur Removal •Nickel •Copper

  • Designing flotation circuits for high fines recovery

    Designing flotation circuits for high fines recovery. Author links This stone describes design principles for fines flotation and challenges common “myths” about fines and flotation cells. range of platinum ores and a wide range of operators shows that a single IsaMill regrinding stage increases overall PGM recovery by 4

  • Flotation Metallurgist & Mineral Processing Engineer

    2020-06-08· Both mineral and gangue recovery increases with increasing aeration rate. As shown here from an example taken from tests on the Merensky PGM ore from in South Africa. The graphs show platinum group metals as PGMs and gangue recovery with flotation

  • 1 Froth Flotation Fundamental Principles

    2009-08-27· 1 Froth Flotation Fundamental Principles flotation rate, particle size recovery, air flow, pulp density, etc.) As a result, it is difficult to study the effects of any single factor in isolation, and compensation effects within the system can keep process changes from

  • (PDF) Trithiocarbonates for PGM flotation ResearchGate

    Trithiocarbonates for PGM flotation. for improving the flotation recovery of slow-floating sulphide minerals with the PGM concentrate grade for the first two primary rougher cells.

  • How to Refine Precious Metals Step One:

    2014-02-28· Crushing, grinding and flotation are featured in this latest educational video. Silver, Gold, Platinum, Palladium and other PGM ore. Careers and technology on Mineral Engineering in precious metals.

  • Development of PGMs and Chrome Extraction Circuit from UG

    2012-05-23· Rougher Flotation Secondary Flotation (Primary) 35) P SRT Primary mill Secondary mill P ! P Fig. 1. Schematic representation of old flotation plant . Increase PGMs recovery from secondary circuit by gaining 2% extra on it. (Total circuit recovery increase to 80%). Figure 2 shows the schematics of the new MF 2 circuit plant representation.

  • A Comparison between Column and Mechanical Cell Performance in Platinum Flotation

    2016-05-06· A Comparison between Column and Mechanical Cell Performance in Platinum Flotation . By . Reshmi Hurdeyal is a comparative study of the use of column and mechanical cells as cleaners for the flotation of an UG-2 (Upper Group 2 grade in the mechanical cell was 6.5ppm higher for a common recovery of 80% PGM in both cells.

  • US7544231B2 Recovery of platinum group metals

    A process of recovering platinum group metals (PGMs) from a pregnant solution or leachate containing PGM values and base metals, typically a cyanide solution or leachate. A non-selective precipitation of the PGM values and base metals to form an insoluble precipitate comprising the PGM values and base metals is followed by selective leaching of the precipitate.

  • Influence of Residence Time and Fine Grinding on PGMS Recovery

    2015-03-16· provide an optimum grade/recovery response in flotation [5]. Long residence times are typical of the flotation plants because of the high value of the recovered material. A residence time greater than 60 minutes in the main stream of flotation is not uncommon [7]. The main purpose of this work was to investigate the possibility of PGM recovery by

  • Automated SEM study of PGM T distribution across a UG2 flotation understanding PGM

    2015-04-22· Automated SEM study of PGM distribution across a UG2 flotation concentrate 2005), the association of PGM with BMS is as important as, if not more important than, liberated PGM for floatability (e.g. Penberthy, 2001). In the same vein, PGM association with

  • PGM Ore Processing at Impala's UG-2 Concentrator

    2015-12-16· limiting PGM recovery due to its inherent tendency not to recover more finely disseminated, silicate-association PGM. Consequently, in 1994 it was decided to improve PGM recoveries by installing regrind milling and “secondary rougher/cleaner flotation, on the existing plant tails (MF2 type circuit

  • Effect of pH on the Recovery and Grade of Base Metal Sulphides (PGMs) by Flotation

    2011-09-10· The higher PGM recovery was also accompanied by higher chrome content as a result of their similar stone properties. Keywords- Metal sulphides, gangue phases, recoveries, Platinum Group Metals, Bushveld complex I. INTRODUCTION HIS article concentrates on the effect of pH on the recovery and grade of PGMs from UG2 ore by flotation.

  • (PDF) Potential Processing Routes for Recovery of

    The maximum PGM flotation recovery achieved using sulphide co-collector schemes was 55.1% 3E (Pt, Pd, and Au). Application of the hydroxamate oxide collector improved the flotation recovery to 74