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  • Narrow Steeply Dipping Veins curlymike.au

    Mining of Narrow Steeply Dipping Veins Mining of Narrow Steeply Dipping Veins By B E Hall1 Introduction Many mineral deposits occur as steeply dipping narrow veins. In the past, these have been worked either by high cost labour intensive methods which are able to follow the vein with minimal dilution for high grade production, or by lower cost mechanized methods with large equipment, with

  • Narrow-vein modelling and Mineral Resource estimation

    Most vein modelling and Mineral Resource estimation methods for narrow vein deposits uses three dimensional (3D) block grade estimation, based on kriging and inverse distance weighting. In addition, most modelling packages require the assumption of a constant dip and dip direction for the whole vein. The main problems with these methods are the change of the sample support due to the

  • (PDF) Narrow vein mining-A challenge to the operator.

    Narrow veins are challenging to evaluate and exploit. They are generally less than 3 m wide, discordant and of variable dip and display a complex structure and paragenesis. A high degree of

  • Choice of Method Welcome to the Narrow-Vein Mining

    Shrinkage mining is practised in ore zones that are steeply dipping and are continuous along strike. When there is not enough continuity, the cut-and-fill mining method is selected. Panel stoping is necessary in areas of the mine where the ore has a shallow dip and tends to roll vertically. Longhole method with paste backfilling is used in wider stoping areas. Longhole levels are advanced at

  • Anaconda Mining partners in innovative narrow vein

    Anaconda Mining has commenced a research and development project to develop, prototype and optimize a new technology to mine steeply-dipping narrow gold veins, that cannot be mined cost-effectively with existing technologies. The company has subcontracted expertise of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) to support the

  • Silvercorp Metals Inc. Mining 101

    Mining 101 Narrow Vein Mining Methods Shrinkage Stoping. There are several mining methods that can be used for narrow, steeply-dipping veins like those at our Ying and GC operations. The most cost-effective narrow vein mining technique is shrinkage stoping. This approach allows the development of large stopes, thereby reducing the amount of development required relative to stope volumes. The

  • stopes for narrow-vein vertical mining methods

    stopes for narrow-vein vertical mining methods Designed specifically for use in narrow vein, steeply dipping ore bodies, Deswik.ASD quickly generates detailed stope shapes that are traditionally designed manually. Working from a geological block model, the tool automates the process of generating sectional slices through the ore body. The stope shapes are guided by numerous properties

  • Paper: Suitability of the overhand cut-and-fill mining

    Abstract: Vein type carbon-rich graphite deposits found in Sri Lanka occur in metamorphic rocks as narrow steeply dipping veins. These graphite deposits are mined by underground mining, mostly by applying the overhand cutandfill method. Graphite mining at Bogala mines, Sri Lanka, is a unique example of narrow vein mining where the overhand cut-and-fill method is applied as the most

  • narrow vein mining Archives International Mining

    Nippon’s thermal fragmentation process for narrow vein mining involves drilling a series of 6 in (15 cm) pilot holes into the vein with a conventional drill. Thermal fragmentation (thermal head, compressed air and water) is then inserted and spalls the rock, quickly increasing the diameter of the hole to 30-110 cm. After this, ore can be extracted in 0-13 mm fragments. The leftover rock

  • Anaconda, Newfoundland university partner Mining

    Anaconda, Newfoundland university partner to study new ways to mine steeply dipping narrow gold veins 22nd June 2017 By: Henry Lazenby Creamer Media Deputy Editor: North America

  • A study of gravity flow principles of sublevel caving

    method to the mining of steeply dipping narrow veins (par-ticularly stock worked narrow veins with poorly defined host rock contacts), the flow of ore can be assumed similar to granular material

  • Anaconda, Newfoundland university partner Mining

    Anaconda, Newfoundland university partner to study new ways to mine steeply dipping narrow gold veins 22nd June 2017 By: Henry Lazenby Creamer Media Deputy Editor: North America

  • steeply-dipping definition English

    The Mount Nansen ore deposit consists of a system of narrow steeply dipping veins in metamorphic rocks of Precambrian to Paleozoic age, andesitic volcanics and granodioritic to granitic intrusives of Mesozoic age, and Cretaceous to early Tertiary dacitic porphyries.

  • System Analysis and Simulation of Narrow Vein Mining

    System Analysis and Simulation of Narrow Vein Mining Method with Underground Pre-concentration Mario Morin, Andrew Bamber, Malcolm Scoble Department of Mining Engineering. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Abstract The application of underground pre-concentration technology to narrow vein mining has the potential to change the entire economics of bulk mining methods when

  • Design and application of an efficient mining method for

    Breast stoping: it is an open stoping method often used for mining gently-dipping narrow vein orebodies with thickness between 1.5 and 3 m and irregular floor. Ore and surrounding rock should be at a minimum, moderately competent. This method also has to leave pillar. 2 Geology and technical conditions of mining at Kafang Mine 2.1 Geological outline The deposit of Dabaiyan mining area in

  • Re-engineering the Elkon Deposit Uranium SRK

    Re-engineering the Elkon Deposit Elkon in South Yakutia, East Russia, is the world’s largest known, undeveloped uranium deposit. It occurs as a series of narrow sub-parallel, steeply-dipping veins located within the Yuzhnaya fault zone, covering a strike length of some 20km and extending from about 100m to 1600m below surface.

  • Anaconda investigates narrow-vein tech Mining

    Federal and provincial funding will offset the technical and financial risks of developing and optimising a narrow-vein mining system for use in steeply dipping narrow gold veins. If successfully developed, this technology has the potential to be used for similar mineral properties owned by Anaconda and other gold deposits throughout Atlantic Canada and the rest of the country.

  • US20030173819A1 Mining method for steeply dipping

    First, the method provides an efficient and cost effective way to excavate steeply dipping orebodies, particularly steeply dipping orebodies of narrow widths. The method can mine the material in the orebodies with dilution levels far lower than those possible with current mining methods and techniques. A conventional narrow vein stope must be of a size that allows access for people and mining

  • Thermal Fragmentation as a Possible, Viable, Alternative

    In currently used mining methods, blasting techniques often causes dilution of valuable ore and results in costly processing requirements. In the context of narrow vein mining of thin and highly concentrated orebodies there is a need of a mining method that can reduce dilution in order to remain economically viable. This research project explored the viability of a new mining technology

  • Major Mines & Projects Palito Complex Mine

    The São Chico Mine is high grade, narrow vein longhole stoping operation. Mining of the steeply dipping vein is by longitudinal longhole stoping methods using sublevels that are spaced at a nominal 15 m. Because structural backfill is not available and because mining takes place on multiple adjacent levels, rib and sill pillars are used to separate the ore blocks and maintain geotechnical