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  • What are environmental regulations on mining activities

    Some important federal laws authorizing and guiding environmental regulation of mining in the United States are discussed below. These laws outline the responsibilities of several federal agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in regulating mining operations. Other acts, such as the Safe Drinking Water Act, can be relevant

  • Environmental Protection Act 1994 legislation.qld.gov.au

    Contents Environmental Protection Act 1994 Page 5 Division 1 Key definitions for chapter 5 106 What is a prescribed ERA

  • Environmental Protection Act 1994 Queensland Legislation

    View whole Act Subordinate legislation Turn history notes on Legislative history Search Act PDF A. Minister: Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef, Minister for Science and Minister for the Arts Agency: Department of Environment and Science

  • South Australian Legislation

    The Environment Protection Act 1993 is currently affected by temporary modifications that are not incorporated into the text. See Schedule 2 Part 2 of the COVID-19 Emergency Response Act 2020. This legislation is affected by amending provisions that have not yet come into operation or taken effect. Only amendments that have commenced are incorporated. Version Format; Current: Authorised PDF

  • Legislation EPA

    Environment Protection Act 1993 The Environment Protection Act 1993 provides the regulatory framework to protect South Australia's environment, including land, air and water. This legislation was the result of the streamlined integration of six Acts of Parliament and the abolition of the associated statutory authorities.

  • Mining and the Environment Parliament of NSW

    Environmental groups and some sectors of the community would like to see greater environmental protection of natural features from the environmental impacts of coal mining, particularly subsidence. Similarly, the potential impact of mining on water resources of the State has created conflict in agricultural communities. With estimated Australian coal reserves of some 200 years, this debate

  • Nuclear actions are a matter of national environmental

    Protecting the environment from nuclear actions. The EPBC Act recognises the protection of the environment from nuclear actions as a matter of national environmental significance. A nuclear action will require approval if it has, will have, or is likely to have a significant impact on the environment. Nuclear actions should be referred to the Minister and undergo an environmental assessment

  • Environmental policy and legislation Environment

    Environmental policy and legislation. The Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act) is a key element of Queensland’s environmental legal system. Its objective is to protect Queensland’s environment while allowing for development that improves the total quality of life, both now and in the future, in a way that maintains ecological processes (ecologically sustainable development).

  • Legislation and compliance

    Mining, petroleum and geothermal activity proposals likely to have significant impact to matters of national environmental significance should be referred by the company for environmental impact assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Commonwealth). The Commonwealth and State have a bilateral agreement where environmental

  • Mining resource activities Environment Department of

    Mining proponents wishing to seek approval under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 for a watercourse diversion will be required to include details of the proposed design of the diversion as a part of their application documents for the EA. Public notification of the proposal may be required and certifications by a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland are required at various stages.

  • Environmental regulation Department of Mines,

    Environmental approvals for mining activities are granted in accordance with the Mining Act 1978 and These may be granted by DMIRS under delegation from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 and the Environmental Protection (Clearing of Native Vegetation) Regulations 2004. Regulatory framework

  • Environmental Protection Act 1986 legislation.wa.gov.au

    Minister for Environment: Agency: Department of Water and Environmental Regulation: Consolidated Version Currency start Currency end Suffix Download; Environmental Protection Act 1986: 1 May 2020: Current: 09-d0-00: PDF: Word: HTML: Versions of this Act (includes consolidations, Reprints and “As passed” versions) Subsidiary legislation made under this Act (current versions) History of this

  • Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation

    Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 C2018C00440; In force Superseded Version; View Series; Act No. 91 of 1999 as amended, taking into account amendments up to Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Amendment (Authority Governance and Other Matters) Act 2018: An Act relating to the protection of the environment and the conservation of biodiversity, and for related

  • Environmentally relevant activities Business Queensland

    For example, most mining activities would include some stone storage (section 8, schedule 2 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019) as part of their operation. This activity can be included as part of your application for an EA. If the stone storage activity is to be undertaken off-tenure, the activity is a prescribed ERA and a separate EA application is required. Once the EAs

  • Financial assurance for prescribed activities Business

    Financial assurance for prescribed activities. Not all prescribed activities are required to provide financial assurance. If you are required to supply a financial assurance, this requirement will be included as a condition of your environmental authority (EA). You must pay financial assurance before carrying out any activities authorised by your EA. In addition to requiring financial

  • Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation

    25/06/2013· Schedule 1—Protection of water resources from coal seam gas development and large coal mining development An Act to amend the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, and for related purposes [Assented to 21 June 2013] The Parliament of Australia enacts: 1 Short title This Act may be cited as the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Amendment Act

  • EIS under the Environmental Protection Act 1994

    A resource company will complete an EIS under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 if it has volunteered to do so, or the chief executive of the Department of Environment and Science has required one be completed.. A resource company may apply to prepare a voluntary EIS. The chief executive will approve this application if they consider an EIS is appropriate for the project.

  • Environment Protection (Water Quality) Policy EPA

    The Environment Protection (Water Quality) Policy 2015 provides the structure for regulation and management of water quality in South Australian inland surface waters, marine waters and groundwaters. The main objective of the Water Quality Policy is linked to the Environment Protection Act 1993 (the Act):